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Flash Fiction | Musicians V Superheroes

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This is in response to another flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig called FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE: X VERSUS Z, REDUX. I hope you enjoy.

Garret leaned forward on the couch and turned up the TV, even though he knew Sally hated it when her super hearing picked up the TV on the other side of the house.

The lead news story was just coming on.

“We’re going live to Lisa Flores-Yao live at the ‘Save Us From Saving’ benefit concert in Daytona Beach. Lisa, what can you tell us about what’s going on down there in Florida.”

The scene switches to a beautiful blonde with blue eyes. She is standing next to a bearded guy in a stocking cap and thick, horn-rimmed glasses.

“Thanks Dave.” She says. “It’s total chaos here at the ‘Save Us From Saving’ benefit concert. Officials are trying to get a handle on the situation and get people evacuated in an orderly fashion but its total pandemonium. I’m here with Kick Spade, lead singer for Pygmy Dip And The Jetpack Witch and organizer of the ‘Save Us From Saving’ benefit concert. Kick,” she turned to the bearded man, “can you tell us what happened?”

“It was them!” Kick shouts. He has a wild almost hunted look in his eyes.

“Them who?” Lisa asks.

“The superheroes! It was them. I know it was! They’re afraid of us!”

“Okay. Kick. Calm down and tell us what happened.”

“We were out there doing the sound check, me and the guys in the band. So anyways, we were just out there, setting stuff up, messing around and then the stage caught on fire, and then the grass in the field was burning and then the shops and stands, everything just went up at the same time. I know it was them, the superheroes. They must have started the fires!” Kick shouted at the last.

“Did you see anyone?” The reporter asked.

“No. But do you think that matters? They’re superheroes so they can like fly, and turn invisible and whatever. I know it was them, they’re afraid of us an what we have to say!” Kick shouts into the microphone and then runs off.

“So there you have it Dave.” Lisa says, looking directly into the camera. “I can tell you that the fires are mostly under control and it seems like things are calming down. There’s a press conference scheduled in 15 minutes where authorities have promised to get us more information. Until then back to you Dave.”

The newscast flipped back to the newsroom but Garret wasn’t paying attention.

He whispered under his breath. “Sally.”

Before the words were completely out of his mouth Sally, his wife of 20 years in September, was standing behind him.

“What is it?” She asked in her no-nonsense voice. She knew that he only called her by her name when something was wrong.

“Is Garret home?” he asked quietly.

“No he’s out with some of his friends, why?”

Garret answered with another question. “Which friends?”

“Sally, Jake, and Jarrett, maybe a couple others. Why?”

Garret looked up at his wife. All superheroes. He grimaced.

“I think we have a problem…” and he proceeded to tell her what he saw on the news.

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