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Toddler = Weapon of Mass Destruction

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If you have (or had) toddlers you know what this post’s title means. If not, let me enlighten you. My progeny (obviously their destructive tendencies come only from me and not the amazing Mrs. Colemind) have all destroyed things when they were toddlers. Expensive things. The first thing I remember was a window, then there were doors, closet doors, laptops, toys uncountable, computers, and the list goes on and on.

Yesterday another WMD was released in the Colemind home.

Our youngest, who is 3.5 going on 13, wreaked some mass destruction on our home. I’ll warn you now. The image below is pretty graphic.

Here’s a quick rundown of the above destruction:

  • Electric Griddle
  • 2 Plastic Tupperware containers
  • 2 – Mrs. Colemind’s amazing brownies
  • 2 – Mrs. Colemind’s amazing cupcakes
  • 6 – Colemind macroons (the coconut ones, not the French ones
  • 2 – Colemind almond joys (macaroon bars, almonds, drizzled in chocolate)

I’ll pause here for a bit so you can mourn their passing.

Okay. Lessons learned:

  1. Don’t stack flammable/meltable things on top of the griddle. Even if it’s not plugged in.
  2. Don’t leave griddle out where toddler can plug it in.
  3. Toddlers will find things to destroy. ALWAYS!

Luckily I noticed the heat coming off of the griddle before we left or we may have added a house to the list of things our children, as toddlers, have destroyed.

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