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How I Write | Tom Merritt

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How I Write is a short segment that lets authors talk a bit about themselves and how they write. Today’s segment features Tom Merritt.


Mac or Pc: 70% Mac, 30% PC. I have a MAcBook Pro that I do a lot of my other work on so I’m often on it when I find time to write. But I also really like my SurfaceBook and thanks to the magic of Dropbox and Office 365 can use it to write too!

Pen or Pencil:

Do you mean stylus? ;). I don’t write anything but my rent check with a pen anymore. Is that sad?

Thick Crust or Thin Crust:

Thin. I’m from the St. Louis area so I love that style. But I do have a solid admiration for Chicago Style deep dish pizza.

One word that describes your writing style:


A bit of background about how you got to where you are as a writer:

I’ve been attempting to write books since I was in high school. I wrote my first complete novel, Boiling Point from 1993-2001. After that National Novel Writing Month really got me energized to stop making excuses and stop being a perfectionist and just write. On demand publishers like Lulu let me trot out a few novels to see what people thought.

What software/apps do you use to help with your writing:

You know I use SimpleNote to take some random notes and occasional scene sketches and then Word to create the novel. And I use a browser for research. That’s about it.

What is your office/desk/writing set up like:

I write wherever I am. It’s most often at the kitchen table, but sometimes on a couch sometimes on an airplane or in a hotel. NaNoWriMo really helped me stop using location as a procrastination excuse.

Are you a planner or a fly by the seat of your pantser when you write:

I like to know the world very well so I usually sketch that out. And then I usually have a very high level view of where the story is going. The rest is just flying by the seat of my pants, filling in the gaps and then going back and seeing if I can identify the holes that still need to be filled in or the contradictions, weak spots, etc.

What’s the best piece of writing advice you ever received:

Just write. You can always revise but not writing will not get your work done.

What’s your latest published work you want to tell people about:

Pilot X from Inkshares. It’s the story of a timeship pilot who loves to fly but keeps getting sucked into situations where he has to save his people and eventually the universe.

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