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How I Write | Jake Bible

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How I Write is a short segment that lets authors talk a bit about themselves and how they write. Today’s segment features Jake Bible.


Right here, right now. Or Asheville, NC.

Mac or Pc:


Pen or Pencil:

Pen. Really digging the Paper Mate Ink Joy gel 0.7 lately.

Thick Crust or Thin Crust:

Hand-tossed by me (Ten years of pizza experience, so I know how to toss a crust!)

One word that describes your writing style:


A bit of background about how you got to where you are as a writer:

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. Took some time off to start a family. Got back into it in 2007 by podcasting my first novel (Dead Mech) for free. Got hella lucky and went full time in 2013.

What software/apps do you use to help with your writing:

Pages for novels. Celtx for scripts.

What is your office/desk/writing set up like:

I sit behind a 1955 mid-century modern design desk that is twelve kinds of awesome. It’s a 6ft diameter half circle. There’s an 11ft matching credenza behind me which I’ve already managed to fill with manuscripts. 27″ monitor connected to a Mac Mini sits on my most awesome desk.

Are you a planner or a fly by the seat of your pantser when you write:

Depends on what’s needed to get the job done. I tend to work on the first scene in my head then go for it. But if I have a tight deadline then I’ll do some outlining to make sure I stay productive. Or sometimes I outline the whole novel. I don’t box myself in with labels. A one or the other mindset is ridiculous.

What’s the best piece of writing advice you ever received:

It takes 4-5 years of professional writing before you even have a clue about what you are doing. At that point you realize no one has a clue about what they’re doing and we’re all winging it.

What’s your latest published work you want to tell people about:

EverRealm– a LitRPG novel is my latest release. Mix of fantasy, gaming, zombies, and snark. I also have Mech Corps coming out in May. I do love writing about mechs!

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